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We are asking for YOU to become a sponsor for our Drug Free World Campaign and its successful launch in the Philippines. Now is the time to act, with officials right up to the Office of the Preseident completely allied and demanding our help and LRH tech.

We need $50,000 to print the initial run of the various publications, including other booklets and materials; to send two lecturers to start the training; to train two Filipino staff, and get it running enough to fund itself through local corporate sponsors. Due to a high level of corruption in this country, we have to have a going operation before a local company will feel confident enough to invest as they have been ripped off many times by ‘promises’ – with no deliveries. In exchange, we will provide you with all of the good news and wins that your donation is achieving in the Philippines, with updated newsletters, an upstat sponsorship certificate indicating that your company is a major sponsor – and a saner planet.

Thank you for reading this presentation. We sincerely hope you can help us launch a massive anti-drug campaign in the Philippines and help salvage millions in the entire Asian region and across the world whose lives are being destroyed by drugs.


Virginia Stewart
Public Affairs
Office of Special Affairs ANZO
Robert Anderson
Mission Holder
Church of Scientology
Mission of Manila

If You Would Like To Help Us Clear
One-Third Of The Planet….
Contact Robert Anderson:
Mobile: 720-2717860
Landline: 303-449-6222
Address: Church of Scientology Mission Of Boulder:
1021 Pearl Street, Boulder Colorado 80302
All Donations in the US Are Tax-Deductible

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Donations are used to pay for Staff Training and Room and Board.  They are also used to help defray expenses for Establishment and Inspection Projects which have to be done in Pioneer areas.  Part of these projects are also used to continue the 4th Dynamic activities in these countries.

Donations should be anywhere from $10 – $25.00.  Your help is very much appreciated.  These activities affect over 130 million beings.