Drug Free World

Drugs & The Philippines

I am writing to you to brief you on what has been happening and also to ask for your support and assistance to bring the drug free message to the people of the Philippines.

According to the UN, the Philippines is a major source of amphetamine-type stimulants for Asia, Australia and America, producing millions of ecstasy and meth-amphetamines tablets for export. This is not the result of backyard production, hidden away in someone’s house— these are major operations, set up with automated machinery, forklifts to shift the product, and huge factory spaces and warehouses.

Amphetamine use is on a rise in this part of the world. Cutting off this major supply in this nation will help the whole world.

There are two major drug prevention and law enforcement groups at the forefront of Drug Prevention activities in the Philippines—the Philippines Drug Enforcement Agency and the senior entity, the Dangerous Drugs Board. For the past four years we have been increasingly involved in safe-pointing and educational activities with these entities, including having officials visit Narconon in the U.S., and they are now both completely allied to LRH tech and LRH solutions to handle the drug problem.

These lines were opened by Robert Anderson (2007 Dianetics Pioneer of the Year) as the Mission Holder for the Manila Mission, and other dedicated terminals. With the arrival of the Volunteer Minister Goodwill Tour in the Philippines in March 2007, IAS Freedom Medal Winner Peter Stephens began intensive training of the staff of the Dangerous Drugs Board and the staff of the Philippines Drug Enforcement Agency on The Answers To Drugs chapter from the Scientology Handbook, and the Communication chapter of the Scientology Handbook.

The Workshops

In 2007 the President of the Philippines (the Dangerous Drugs Board is a part of the President’s Office), set out a new major strategy for the government: Demand Reduction.

Demand Reduction means focusing on educating the drug takers, and potential drug takers so that they understand the dangers of drugs, rather than using criminal prosecution to address the problem. To implement this strategy, General Avenido, Chairman of the Dangerous Drugs Board, wanted his staff to be able to get onto the ‘front-lines’ and deal more effectively with the various non-governmental organizations involved in drug education and rehabilitation – and also for his execs and staff to deliver lectures and presentations direct to the public. He turned to us for help.

Therefore our three four-day workshops, covered LRH data on drugs – and put the attendees through TRs 0-4 with a final drill taken from the HCOB ‘Stage Manners’. These workshops were delivered to over 100 executives and officers of the Philippines Drug Enforcement Agency and The Dangerous Drugs Board by 2004 Freedom Medal Winner, Peter Stephens, and staff of Manila Mission. Here’s their report on the second workshop to the Dangerous Drugs Board:

“The difference between the group who began this workshop four days ago and the graduates today is astonishing. From a silent, out-of-comm collection of bored men and women they have turned into a lively, boisterous, in-comm team. At the closing ceremony the Chairman of the Dangerous Drugs Board, General Avenido, and his Deputy Chairman, both raved over the “remarkable changes” in their staff and immediately requested that we put ALL of DDB staff through the workshop!”

The Successes

“Being able to participate in this seminar has given me the ability to be an effective communicator. Thanks so much!”

“This seminar really moved me a lot of times. I can say it adds many things I could use to be an effective communicator/speaker.”

“Going through the drills I was able to overcome a lot of my inhibitions, especially the way I communicate with people. Thanks to the organizers and the team from International Scientology – I really enjoyed the workshop!”

“I learned a lot from this workshop that I can apply it in my everyday life, especially in handling with other people and the art of communication. I learned to be patient, feel relax and concentrate in what I am doing. I become more alert and conscious of my environment.”

“I learned to relax and be aware of myself and the people around me.”

“I gained insight on the wrong and right way of communicating with others. It is not enough to be physically present to ensure that your message is communicated to others. You have to really ‘Be there’.”

The third workshop in the series was delivered to more Dangerous Drugs Board executives and specially invited members of NGOs. At the conclusion of this workshop, General Avenido signed a Memorandum of Understanding, officially allying the Philippines Government with the Church of Scientology in the war on drugs.

This country is dying for the want of an effective anti-drug campaign. We have the demand to deliver and we can walk in to the top levels of the government in this nation and implement LRH tech without any stops. This is literally a dream cycle where they want the tech and all we have to do is prepare to deliver and do so. We have the ideal program, with proven results.

The steps to take are as follows:

  • Register a non-profit association called FOUNDATION FOR A DRUG-FREE PHILIPPINES, which will be linked to the FOUNDATION FOR A DRUG FREE WORLD, the international secular organisation established by the Church of Scientology to rapidly expand our anti-drug campaign. This will also gain us charitable status for the organisation.
  • Raise donations to fund an initial launch into this country. This will include printing costs for 10,000 of each of the main booklets—to be printed within the Philippines. We will also print the Lesson Guide and the Truth About Drugs booklet and Activities Manual.
    This donation will also cover the Answers to Drug and Communication booklets from the Scientology Handbook series. We want funding to train upward of 500 individuals, and their course materials. Funding will also cover English speaking lecturers to fly into Manila to supervise the launch of the program and 6 months wages for 2 staff — $2,500 per person for one year. Given the cost of living in this nation, this wage will enable two Filipino staff to be trained up and to run the organisation.
  • They will be provided with all items to run the office, including a membership system to raise funds and also sponsorship programs, to encourage businesses to print their own version of the booklet with company logo.
  • We will start delivery right away, with the initial print run of materials and document all feedback. This will show that our organisation and program gets products and is worth investment from the Philippines government.
  • Make a website, mirrored off the international website (www.drugfreeworld.org) where people can go on-line and order booklets and make donations.
  • General Avenido, the Chairman of the DDB, will help us to close major chemical companies so this program and materials can be completely funded locally and grows with private industry backing. Chemical companies have a moral obligation as illegal drugs are made from their products. Additionally incorporated as a Foundation means that other governments can be approached, including Australian Foreign Affairs Department which funds ongoing, self established programs that are getting products dealing with human rights and drug related issues in South East Asia. OSA ANZO will work to secure this for us. Once this training is well under way we help implement programs within the education system, with the officers themselves doing the lectures. We basically insert the program and it becomes the approved program for the whole of the Philippines. And then we move onto the next Asian country with a proven program.
  • We then move onto the next phase of real drug rehab with Narconon.



With the 10 new Truth About Drugs booklets released at the IAS event last year and accompanying Lesson Guide and Activities Manual and the promotion of these in the media and on the Internet, the popularity of our anti-drug program has gone sky-high and is booming in Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand – and now it’s time for the Philippines.

Our young people are taking drugs in droves. Carefully constructed campaigns through the movies, TV and the like all minimize the harm of drugs and to make them appear ‘recreational’. The end result is a futures market for the psychs who began it all in their attempts to make men more suggestible.

Methamphetamines were first made by Japanese psychs and used in the war on Kamikaze pilots. The German chemical factories first made amphetamines – now the most popular dangerous drug of choice and the most widely used throughout Asia. LSD is straight from the hands of the psychs, and Sigmund Freud himself promoted cocaine. Hitler was being fed amphetamines by his psychs at the height of his madness.

And now our kids are taking them and ending up in psych hospitals, insane from drug induced psychosis. And we know what that means – future further profits for the psychs and drug companies who profit from the now ‘mentally’ ill young person – and a destroyed civilization.