News Flash From The Philippines

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Mission of the Philippines

Musician David Pomeranz and martial arts legend Ernie Reyes Jr. traveled to the Philippines to introduce the country to the book Dianetics:The Modern Science of Mental Health and help open the first Church of Scientology in the nation. Touring malls and shopping centers, and doing numerous media interviews, David and Ernie performed to enthusiastic crowds and spoke of how Dianetics helped them achieve success. Along with national government officials from the Drug Enforcement Agency and the Red Cross, David and Ernie also helped cut the grand opening ribbon for the new Scientology Mission of the Philippines. Scientology was immediately granted full religious recognition in the country.

David Receives Key To The City Of Manila

David’s CD of love songs on EMI Records, “Born For You – His Best And More”, has exceeded the 500,000 mark in sales throughout Southeast Asia – and it has become the highest-grossing Pop album in the history of The Philippines!

Pictured here (this past February, 2008) is David receiving the Key To The City of Manila from The city’s Honorable Mayor, Alfredo Lim.

Scientology Fighting Substance Abuse in the Philippines

You’ve heard it before, but here it is again, Scientologists are in the forefront of the fight against substance abuse. This time, the story is from the Philippines.

The Manila Standard Today published an article entitled: “Scientology tapped to fight substance abuse.”

The article states: “MULTI-AWARDED recording artist, composer, lyricist and performer David Pomeranz is sharing his music to help the government curb drug abuse through a major breakthrough in self-healing.

“At a forum, Pomeranz announced the goodwill tour initiated by the Scientology Volunteers Ministry in Manila and other cities, to teach people how to handle various problems and illnesses that could trigger drug dependency.”

Scientologist, David Pomeranz, recommended the hands-on approach to hinder drug problems as well as resolve conflicts, broken marriages, suppression, child abuse, unfair labor practices, illiteracy, poverty and poor social relationship, “unburden” traumatic experiences and cure illnesses.

“This is for everybody. I just want to help our friends in trouble. I am here in the Philippines for the 20th time,” he told Standard Today.

Bringing forth a message of freedom and hope, David Pomeranz stated: “What makes a man unhappy every day. Remove the filter, be happy in life. Emotional baggage must be a thing of the past. Man has a body, a mind and a spirit. We must unburden our past.”

Director Anselmo Avenido, of the Dangerous Drugs Board, showed up at the forum and praised the Church of Scientology for introducing the philosophy to the agency several years back.

“When we learned about the scientology, we immediately coordinated with its representatives and sent our officials to the US,” he said.

“We are happy to report to the Scientology church that your technique has been very effective in delivering our message to the people. We appreciate your efforts to help us in our antidrug campaign,” Avenido said.

The Department of Social Welfare and Development, represented by Undersecretary Alicia Balang, and the University of the Philippines’ School of Labor and Industrial Relations have adopted scientology to improve their services.

David Pomeranz – Further Information:

On April 23, 2004, David was in the Philippines to open up a Church of Scientology mission, along with Ernie Reyes Jr. Read the article here:

You can find out more about David Pomeranz’ personal success in Scientology here:

Back in 1986, David Pomeranz’s two songs in the Church of Scientology’s The Road to Freedom album were big hits. These were “The Good Go Free” and “Make It Go Right.” I doubt you could find a Scientologist from that time period who couldn’t sing along with these songs.

David Pomeranz also received the Human Rights Leadership Award from the Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) for his song “Invisible Criminals.”