Volunteer Ministers

6 Nov 2007 — Church of Scientology Mission of Manila Brings Effective Help to the People of the Philippines

In “Typhoon Alley,” each year from August through December many of the more than 7000 islands of the Philippines are pummeled by storms, each capable of expending as much energy as 10,000 nuclear bombs.

Typhoons in recent years have been particularly devastating to the region, and many thousands of Filipinos have lost their lives or homes.

Earlier this year, Scientology Volunteer Ministers from as far away as Taiwan, Japan and Australia joined the staff and members of the Church of Scientology Mission of Manila to help in the wake of Typhoon Durian.

Once the disaster was over, the Mission decided to carry on, working with civic and community leaders to raise the bar on disaster preparedness with seminars, workshops and courses based on the Scientology Handbook, a textbook compilation of the works of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

This program has proved so successful that the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Asian Goodwill Tour, which was scheduled for a Philippines visit, has teamed up with the Mission to establish, promote and deliver these services. Together, they have provided seminars and workshops to the Philippine National Police, the Fire National Training Institute and the Philippines Air Force. As other civic and community groups learn about the program, they too become interested and involved, because the seminars give participants practical skill to assist people in times of emergency.

ut natural disasters are far from the only threat to the people of this nation. Drug abuse is taking its toll as well, with recent dramatic increases in the use of methamphetamine. So the Volunteer Ministers Goodwill Tour and the Manila Mission joined forces to tackle this problem too, with training in drug prevention and education.

The key to effective drug prevention is communication—being able to get through to the young people who are most at risk. So the cornerstone of this training is a communication workshop based on the Scientology Handbook.

For more information on these programs, contact the Church of Scientology Mission of Manila. The Mission is located at Unit 101 Le Gran Condominium, Number 45 Eisenhower Street, Greenhills, San Juan, Manila (Metro) 1504, Philippines. They can be emailed at manila@scientology.net

For more information about the Volunteer Minister Salvage Crusade visit http://www.volunteerministers.org/